The Garden Love

The first sunflower of the season! Sunflowers are easy to grow in a sunny, warm location. The more room they have for their roots, the bigger they can grow!
Leave the seed heads on as they dry to feed the birds.
“Armenian Cucumber” – or “Yard Long Cucumber” – the first veggies of the season! In purchasing the start, it was labeled “Japanese Cucumber”…so often in the garden we get surprises! Turned out to have the most non-bitter, crisp, fresh flavor & the family loves them!

I almost talked myself out of this. I actually killed a whole day wondering in my head, “what in the actual F do you think YOU are doing gardener girl!!??” In truth, I have no actual idea at all what I am doing. I have no idea how this blog thing even works! I just have to dive in – or “DIG IN” in my case (hahaha) – and make it happen. So here it goes, raw, messy & misshapen, so perfectly imperfect. Please stick with me, ’cause I know me, I’ve got some wacky ideas & it’s going get really fun up in here.

My 6th season growing outdoor cannabis & it continues to feel so rewarding, helping others grow healthy, organic, natural medicine. Every year there is weather, unforeseen surprises, new concepts to be learned, systems to be tweaked & new experiments.

Before I just bust right in on how to easily grow the best tomatoes or my simple tips for re-blooming Orchids (yes, you can!) I’ll share a little about me & my why. Basically, I just HAVE to grow things. I can’t help it. I’ve never had something fill me with more joy than growing plants. And I figure, when you find something in life that you just HAVE to do, no matter what, no matter where you are, no matter how much money do or don’t have…you need to go ALL IN. I truly believe that enjoying what you do, every day, is the epitome of EVERYTHING because after all, your day-to-day is your whole dang life!! I know, deep already right?!

There are many reasons why I want to share The Garden Love with you. One, this is about WAY more than just gardening. It’s about connecting with the earth, it’s about really listening. Its about leaving this earth better than it was when you entered it. It’s about growing each day a better YOU. It’s about legacy, tradition, family & community. For me, I want most to help others grow & enjoy the gifts of growing for themselves. Whether it’s your first plant, your first vegetable garden, or your 60th year in farming… I love growing with you. The healing, peace & “oneness” that comes from this simple exchange of time between people & nature as it is meant to be…. just freaking rocks me.

Gardening always feels like a wide-open, glorious, never ending stretch of possibilities with so many benefits! There is nothing like nurturing a plant, watching it grow & come to fruit or flower. I love my plants like they are my children. (Sometimes more, plants don’t talk back. haha) If you have never grown a plant & swear you can’t, this is for you! Garden lovers, plant lovers, fans of being outdoors or bringing the outdoors in, this is for YOU! Do you prefer natural health & growing your own organic food, herbs & remedies! This is for you!! Cannabis growers in the hiiizzzouse!??!! Can I get hands in the air!?! My people! THIS IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU!

For the past 6 years I have really dug in deep. I have made mistakes & have learned many lessons the good old fashioned way, through trial & error. I’ve committed…. plant murder! Yes, I have loved plants to death. I have battled pests, fungus, disease & seeded hay. (haha, funny story) I’ve been a volunteer for my local county Master Gardener program & worked at a specialty hydroponic & garden supply store, absorbing every oz. of information & weed* I could. (*Just seeing if you were paying attention!) I have to say the wins have far outweighed the losses. I have grown fresh food for my family, neighbors & friends! This alone has been a magical feeling! I’ve grown herbs to cook & heal with! I have helped others grow their own medical remedies & I don’t think anything compares to that. I’ve visited & worked with others in gardens that just blow me away – the talent & passion for our earth just so undeniable, so fervent, I hope some rubs off on me just being in their presence. But what has truly been having me feeling ALL THE FEELS is helping others grow, in their very own space, whatever that may look like. I flip when people send me photos of their plants, excited & filled with pride on how far they have come. When they tell me they’ve eaten their first tomato – that they grew themselves! – & it was the best they had ever had. When they share they just harvested their first cannabis flower for their ailing mother & she finally has natural relief she can afford…. ALL THE FEELS right there.

With the awareness of natural medicine on the high rise & the promise of living one’s best life free from pain – without dangerous, addicting pharmaceuticals – I am proud to be a steward of Mother Nature & her gifts.

Recently, I hit a killer roadblock & enjoyed a big ole CTJ moment. (come to Jesus) I found myself trying to carve out more & more time each day to repeat answers to common questions that kept sliding into my email & DM’s. Being a Mom of two rowdy boys, working & managing my gardens, I was struggling to make the time to best help others & I was failing. I felt anxious, stuck & crummy, feeling like I was serving my fellow gardeners really half assed. And then, it happened. A beautiful, moment of utter selflessness I will NEVER forget.


Wait! What?? Whoa, we missed something… let’s back up. In the past 6 months I had been working for my husband, managing the office for his construction business. It was working out super & I have to admit, I am crazy good at office work except for one small problem… that I am not at all an office person. I hate it. How I put it is, “I’m like a plant. I need sun & air to grow. Sitting in a boring office…I wither & DIE.” I had done great for six months, but the pull to the garden was getting stronger & I was feeling so trapped. I suppose my anxious disconnect was showing as hard as I tried for it not to. I’m sure the constant nudging to my husband that it was time to train my replacement was a sign as well. Well, one morning, out of the blue, a simple work discussion turned into a big fight about nothing related to nothing, feelings escalated & in the heat of it – BOOM! I was FIRED! I felt bad…for a little while. I mean, you’re supposed to feel bad when you get fired right?? But I realized I only felt bad because I DIDN’T feel bad. Instead, I felt freaking GREAT!!! Like the pinhole of light at the end of my current, dark tunnel had just burst wide open & I could see gardens for miles!! He had set me FREE. It was the coolest thing he’s ever done for me at his own expense. He set me free to do ME & I love him ever more for that.

So, here I am, fired from my job (lol) & typing away with no idea how to post on this blog page, but I will get there. I am to the moon excited & I have so much to share with you!! Get your garden gloves on, it’s time to get down & dirty!

Welcome friends, to The Garden Love!

Please leave me a comment & tell me about your plants! Don’t have a plant yet?! Tell me what you’re dreaming of. We will find one perfectly suited, just for you. XO

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