The Garden Love


The Garden Love is a writing & community grown of the heart. A way for me to share with you all of the love, lessons, healing & growth that gardening sows in a life & soul. If I could reach out to you right now, put my hands on your shoulders & bring you in close, to whisper in your ear & say, “everything you need is right here, all of the answers you seek are right here in this earth WAITING FOR YOU”… this is it. It all starts with planting a seed, right?!

I grow all the plants….but my main love is Cannabis. This is for my new growers, popping smiles in your first seeds, learning the gardening basics, bursting with plant passion & rearing to go! This is for my experienced growers – can I get a praise hands up in here!?! Those of you who have lived the lessons, who are willing to share the “secrets”, build community & help heal our loved ones. This is also for all my “I kill everything I touch but really want to grow something too!!” friends… I got you loves!! We’ll turn that thumb green yet.

I don’t have all of the answers, but I really enjoy finding them. I love talking gardening, asking questions & searching for the “WHY”. I love learning, failing, trying again & finding comfort in our common ground. I LOVE CANNABIS. I love this plant that helps so many people & I love helping others grow their own. And I really, really love a great garden experiment!

So let your green flag fly yo!!! Let’s have some fun & really get to the root of it all…back to the most simplistic means of true happiness – gardening!

Life begins the day you start a garden.”

Chinese Proverb